Today, we completed our production, Ray and Brandon created text which will be featured on our website. Despite it being a exceptionally stressful process, I was able to finish to construction of the website in ‘Dreamweaver’. This proved to be an stressful and tedious process as I was faced with issues such as broken and rogue coding due to changes in our development process. There was dispute throughout the production of our website due to group absence, we were unable to fully plan the construction of our website until a later date meaning that we were faced with the difficulty of changing web elements last minute due to a lack of planning. Despite this, I feel that our production was a success due to its appearance, functionality and theoretical grounding. I believe that we have established strong connections between theoretical framework and practical production across the course. Both our web and photo series we grounded heavily by a wide variety of theoretical research and technical capability. We adopted an assortment of different techniques whist also ensuring that our production remained original and true to purpose; following our group production relentlessly throughout. I am ecstatic to be able to submit this work, I feel that this production has allowed me to explore issues within contemporary society as well as enabling me to widen my understanding of techniques from both photo media  and web based production. I would argue that our production has effectively and consistently addressed issues around consumerism and capitalism by utilising contemporary techniques and resources.

I am ecstatic with our set of images, I feel that they are effective in communicating our aim and agenda because our techniques allowed us to construct compositions that featured large amounts of branding that enabled us to communicate the pervasiveness of advertising and branding in the context of the everyday. I also believe that our images are aesthetically pleasing by utilising techniques such as depth of field and rule of third and complimentary colours.

I am particularly pleased with our website because I would argue that its design and purpose offered a consistent outlet and home for our images as well as effectively employing satirical and hypocritical style to showcase our images as a ‘brand’.

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