Interior – Human Traces

This shoot is focused more strongly on the exploration of our human interactions with our vehicles. These images are taken from my boyfriend’s car, I wanted to use my camera as a tool of an investigation into the traces left behind from daily use.  Whilst photographing, I notice more detail and evidence of wear and tear than in my instal investigations. These images are deliberately shot using close-ups to convey detail and intimacy. For me this is an intimate exercise because I am photographing a personal possession. I don’t feel as if I could photograph someone else’s vehicle in this way because of the nature of my project. The theme of intimacy is conveyed in multiple ways, firstly, I am photographing an object which is personal to me but also within the images, I am showcasing the intimate and private nature of the vehicle…. the content of my images aren’t clean, polished and perfect; they depict the messy, unkempt, neglected and natural. I wanted to emphasise my exploration ad themes of intimacy by revealing intense details using extreme close-ups that create a sense of proximity between photographer and subject.