“Capitalism underpins contemporary existence, being the economic foundation of our modern society. The pervasive nature of the commodity form and consumption is at the heart of day to day living. It is important to draw attention to this because otherwise it would continue to go unobserved. It is only after drawing attention the problem, that change can be made.

We propose to create an interactive website which will host a series of photographs. Through both website and images we aim to disrupt the everyday by removing brands, logos and adverts.

The website will act as a promotional site for our fictional App, AdVoid. The photo series we create will showcase the ‘App’s function, a filter applied to images to remove branding and advertising. Much like the digital extension Adblock, AdVoid removes all brands and adverts.

Our interest originally was focused on the saturation of our everyday by advertising. With the introduction of the app we are not only highlighting this saturation, we are also critiquing the capitalist model.  By creating and promoting a brand whose sole function is to remove other brands/logos, we are being hypocritical, however we are employing détournement, in order to critique the system from within.”

Word Count: 199