C's Media & Cultural Practice


Independent Project Developments…

I took this week as an opportunity to try and get further shooting done in an attempt to try and gain a greater understanding of what my project for this semester will be.  At the moment I am unsure of... Continue Reading →

Cultural Ecologies & Value

CULTURAL VALUE & CULTURAL ECOLOGY John Dovey – Cultural Value John Holden (2015) The Ecology of Culture, Swindon: Arts and Humanities Research Council Henry Jenkins (2013) ‘What Constitutes Meaningful Participation?’, in Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Media in a Networked... Continue Reading →

Cardiff Trip – National Museum & Chapter

Please view my Museum document: Cardiff Trip Museum  

Participation & Immersive Media

This lecture focuses on Cinema engagement and cinematic history/heritage...  Steve [Guest lecture from last week) He was a social historian [interest in history from below]  Interest in Cost, visitors, segmentation, time telescope Immersive, how are museums personalising things…? Apps, Online... Continue Reading →

Museum Media and Immersion –

Concerned with visibility/spectator Participatory media... *Visuality:  Core element of cinema Core element of immersion? Touch, Visceral Responses --> Mirror Neurons, embodied responses, empathy Status Quo of being seen? *Do our bodies respond initially before our minds, are our embodies responses faster... Continue Reading →

Cinema Of Attractions – Tom Gunning

“Its unique power was a “matter making images seen.”[1] Cinema followed a pattern of enthusiasm for its medium and possibilities. à Emphasis placed on potential and the future. Cinema and film are traditionally regarded as a narrative based medium of... Continue Reading →

Introduction & Media Archaeology

What is media Archaeology? An alternative approach towards the study of media Interlinking connections between users, devices, distributors, producers and environments Historical and future trajectories... How/What influence do these have on current or future media texts; The development, evolution or... Continue Reading →

Coded Spaces & Interior Design

Wishing Rooms - By Daniel Mirer (Spring, 2000) The text excerpt written by Mirer draws on some very interesting discourses that surround interior and architecture photography in relation to temporality and transformation. He states how his methodology and approach to post-industrial,... Continue Reading →

Dock #2 & Museum Excercise…

This week we took the opportunity to do another shoot of the docks at Bristol, This was another successful shoot, as this enabled me to gain more images of the urban landscape. Here are a selection of my favourite images...... Continue Reading →

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