November 27th:As I have began the process of evaluating and reflecting on my production it has brought to my attention that we could develop our idea further. After reflecting on my production, I felt that it did not fully enforce of guide the audience strongly enough to the concept of gender equality; so I considered changing the editing technique towards the end of our production so that scenes from each gender would intertwine and follow a linear structure. Rather than presenting this through split-screen montage, I considered adopting a more standard format whereby scenes from each gender are presented one after another interlinking to portray the same narrative structure.
Today, I took the opportunity to reflect and properly edit the production. After reflecting on our piece on a deeper level, Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 17.06.50.pngI considered a more thorough way of challenging the conventions of film but also a way in which our narrative and proposal would become clearer. Initially, the male figure was positioned on the upper level of the screen to go with the typical preconceptions that men are dominant and authoritative and the female occupied the lower section because of the idea that women are weak, vulnerable and inferior to men. After consulting my group,  Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 17.11.19.pngI made the decision to change this structure around by having the female occupy the upper section of the screen to try and challenge the typical conventions and power relations between genders in film; I also felt that this would make a more direct and clear reference to the creation of an alternative and more standardised and fairer approach to genders.

Throughout shooting, sound was an issue for us due to both background noise and talking. However, I have spent the entire day, re-layering sound over scenes in which it was needed.


I realised this was an issue during our last shoot so I re-shot some of the scenes to correct this issue but also to isolate the sounds themselves. For our production itself continuity and sound isn’t so much of an issue as we are presenting scenes simultaneously meaning that the sound will overlap from each section.

As you can see, “Hidden (a)gender” is certainly coming along, although there are still gaps to be filled and re-shot although I plan to do this as soon as possible and to get this production finished to an acceptable level.