Today I began trying to explore different ideas for the brand and logo for our ‘imaginary app’ interface and website design. I made a quick mind map of our initial idea and the function of this ‘imaginary application’. Having the original idea of creating a logo that incorporates various different well-known brands within an ‘Anti’ sign vector to explicitly communicate the purpose and function of the application. I also chose this design to denote possible themes of censorship and elimination of acclaimed brands and logos in popular culture. I chose the striking red colour because its a bright and dominant colour that is eye catching and slightly intimidating (The bright red sign dominates and over powers the brands presented behind it/within it).

I also briefly undertook a basic design of the website based from my original sketch. I created an image of a phone with the app interface, from using a combination of primary and secondary images. Although this is only a very basic plan that was knocked up quickly, it was to Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 22.28.11gain an insight of how the website might begin to look. For our actual project, large amounts of time and attention to detail would be used in order to create this… However this is just a rough plan and if any of my other group members propose any different designs then they will all be considered as a group and taken into attention. There is still a substantial amount of discussion and decision making to be done as a group in order to decide on a brand name, logo and design as we will then be able to progress further.

Due to my lack of access to the Adobe suit outside of class, I have had to compromise with my pilot designs by using software such as Powerpoint and GIMP meaning that the draft work is of a lower quality than the final product, however this is still useful in determining what works well and what doesn’t as well as giving a material representation of what our website interface could look like. After creating a simplistic design of what the ‘imaginary app’ would look like on a mobile phone, I put the image into ‘Pingendo’ to gain a quick and easy plan of what the website might look like.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 22.31.08
Rough design #1

Today, we were also able to meet up as a group before the Easter break and discuss our project and progress. As not every group member is available to work over the easter break, we discussed what tasks need to be done before we come back after the break and assigned them between us. Over the last few weeks, we have tried to decide on a name, brand and logo for our imaginary mobile app.

During our meeting today, Ray and myself were able to finally decide on a brand name for our ‘imaginary’ app, after exploring various different approaches and words related to our proposal decided on… “Advoid” as we decided to move away from the flashing and OTT approach to a move classy and simplistic design.

Although it would be ideal if we were all able to meet up in the Easter as a group and get most of the practical work done, this is not possible. We decided to make a list of each task that needs to be done and to assign each to who is able to do what, I am here for half of the Easter break so I am able to take some of the photos. There was initially some dispute over shooting the photographs, due to accessibility and time. I personally believed that it would be best to capture a variety of photographs using both professional equipment to obtain high quality images but also to take/feature some images taken on our mobile phones because of the context and form of our project. Due to this, as a group, we requested to be trained on a Canon D700 so that we were able to shoot high quality images. There was also confusion as to what would be the most appropriate to shoot our images, initially we felt that shooting on a wide angle lens would be best… However, we discovered that in order to obtain the type of images needed; it would be best to shoot in portrait using a standard lens and then stitching the images together in post-production using photoshop.  Here is an image taken by our workshop leader using the Wide angle lens on the D700….

IMG_1214 (1)

Here are two images that have been shot using the standard lens that have been stitched together using photoshop..

Panorama1 (1)Panorama2 (1)As you can see, when stitching images together in post-production it is far more effective and would be most appropriate for our production as is displayed a wide image with high resolution that would allow more brands to become visible in each image. We have decided as a group that this is the best method to utilise.