This week we took the opportunity to do another shoot of the docks at Bristol, This was another successful shoot, as this enabled me to gain more images of the urban landscape. Here are a selection of my favourite images… I particularly like these images, I feel that these images successfully encapsulate the industrial landscape in a detailed and aesthetic way.

Favourite Images from the 2nd shoot…

Absolute Favourites…

These images are my absolute favourites, I feel that these images work very well both technically and compositionally. I shot these images using my Canon 750D with an EF70-300mm IS USM lens. I shot these using a medium aperture value of f/5.6 along with a focal length of 300mm which allowed me to compress my focal plane, creating a shallow depth of field. I took both of these images using a tripod and a fast shutter speed value of 1/250 helped to stabilise and freeze motion within my images (Paying particular reference to the bottom image). I also particularly like these images because I feel that they work exceptionally well together due to their composition and narrative discourses. I feel these images feature strong discourses/ideology that surrounds industrialism and Patriotic – British National Identity due to the presence of aged crane/industrial infrastructure as well as the patriotic bunting. I feel that these images invite thoughtful reflection and contemplation upon discourses of industrialisation, capitalism and national identity.



Museum Visit & Excercise –

  1. Where is designed space attempting to mimic reality?
  2. Where is designed space attempting to visually, or physically, immerse the audience in other ways?
  3. What ways are designed features of the past used now?
  4. How are you ‘guided’ around the museum space?
  5. Can you find visual examples of ways in which this cultural institution is funded? Or needs funding? Is finance revealed within the building in any ways that you can identify?

Here is a word document that outlines my visit. Due to us needing to visit the museum for an MC2 research exercise I merged the two together… answering questions related to Photomedia and MC2.

Museum Reseach Excercise


At the weekend, I also paid a visit to a local tourist attraction in Swindon called Stanton Park. Whilst there I shot some footage of the local wildlife with my EF70-300mm IS USM lens which allowed me to achieve some really cool clips and images. Whilst there, there was an abnormal amount of lost and mislaid personal effects and items of clothing. I found this particularly interesting due to the sheer amount of missing items, paired with the fact that many if not all of the items previously belonged to children. Giving this area as a whole a conflicting and somewhat creepy atmosphere despite its picturesque landscapes and scenery. This inspired a possible project idea that relates to personal identity and hidden narratives. For instance, the small selection of shots taken of these missing objects at Stanton Park invites reflection on the background and prior history of these objects. Asking questions such as…

  • Who did they belong to?
  • Why were they discarded?
  • Under what circumstances?
  • Who found them?
  • Will they reside here forever?

Thus posing a potential project idea in which I could explore further in the future. These spaces appear quite barren and isolated, juxtaposed by the presence of a personal object creates discourses of vulnerability, desertion and displacement which could make for an interesting investigation.