1) Bernard Stiegler in ‘The Ister’…

  • Humanity is represented and defined by the ways in which we use technology, elaborating on the post-human identity as reliant upon technology as a means of survival, this draws on discourses of dependency.
  • “Transhumanism” – the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”

2) Upgrade Culture & Prosthetics…

  • Our intergraded existence with technology is arguably fuelled by capitalist restraints and structures that exist within contemporary Western Societies.
  • Further, examine technology as a prosthetic and supplement to human identity and lifestyle. Technology is marketed as seductive, essential; promising an enhanced or improved lifestyle. Emphasis is strongly placed on improvement and utilising increased efficiency, Technology (and upgrade culture) is symbolic for the dynamic and rapid nature of modernity, emblematic of the human races’ gracious achievements.

3) Anthropocene…

  • What are the implications of this technological dependence?
  • How is technology having a detrimental effect on our environmental surroundings? What discourses explore these implications?
  • Focusing on effects of e-waste, focusing on case studies such as ‘Agbogbloshie, Ghana and technological landfill dumps; physical and ethical implication (use footnotes)

Full Essay Plan : mc1-extended-essay-plan


Detailed Essay Plan…

*Intended areas of investigation; technological use, consumption and dependencies alter our relationship to the environment/Anthropocene

> New age of digitisation/transhumanism (increased emphasis on development/enhancement – capitalism (Stigler, 2011)

>Technology is liberating in the construction of identities, mention Lister 2008 reading, citing cyber-feminism  (Lister 2008)

*Pervasiveness of technology + daily involvement

>Human (contemporary) existence is an amalgamation between man + machine (Hughes 2014)

>Capitalist infrastructures and commodity fetishism (object allure and seduction, reference to man and machine convergence (referencing Stibel, 2015)

*Outline/illustration… TA of iPhone 6s

>Enhancement of individual personality but also sells a particular lifestyle (utopian view of technology)

*The darker side of technological commodification

>Outline consequences/implications of technology use – Greenpeace Report (Dystopian view of technology)

*Chemical/Material implications of technology on humans + Environment – Planned obsolescence – Lithium batteries, tamper proof screws etc.

>Technological implications of the environment, outline with examples such as ‘E-graveyard; Agnogblishie in Ghana and Hongkong

*Increasing anxieties around these issues, media representations linked to Anthropocene reading (Zylinska, 2014)

>Future predictions within media representations, mentioning films such as ‘The Age of Stupid’ (2009), ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ (2004)  and ‘2012’ (2009) alluded to mass extinction

>Is this repeated behaviour down to denial or miss-information, are we distancing ourselves from our environment

*Is technology altering our relationships with each other and our environments, this is problematic to define.