December 2nd – 3rd 2015: This week was about tying up ends and tweaking the production, over the past few weeks it has become apparent that certain scenes needed to be reshot.  We began the week by reshooting the remaining footage for our piece, this enabled me to create a complete timeline for our production which gave a sense of continuity. Now that the piece is structured in a more coherent way and that the scenes are presented in order, we were just left with maneuvering around other issues such as audio.

When were were shooting some scenes there we issues with background noise and talking in the background meaning that once the “Hidden (a)gender” was structured in a way that created temporal continuity we were just left with re-constructing the soundscape. I had anticipated this issue whilst shooting so I had taken the opportunity to reshoot-some scenes focusing solely on the audio; I was then able to reconstruct the sound. I took the audio track from the reshoots and layered it over the original footage to fix this problem. Another issue linked to audio, due to the contrasting speeds that both figures moved at; it meant that some scenes had to be sped up which affected the audio however I corrected this by maintaining the pitch of the scene.

In some scenes in particular; despite reshoots, were still not clear enough meaning that I had to extract some sounds from YouTube videos to enhance the clarity of the sound. We had particular difficulty with the scenes where both characters were engaging in there own personal activities such as computing and video games as the scenes were fairly short and due to the restricted compositional qualities; this wasn’t always clear enough. We fixed this by extending the time of the original clips but re-creating the soundscape through the use of YouTube Video Extracts that were layered over the original audio.

Today we also corrected and enhanced the composition of our production. Due to the use of split screens, we were left with large proportions of the screen left black. This issue was addressed by cropping and formatting some scenes to a wider composition. Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.44.17.png

Although, we have already done a proportionate amount of audio reconstruction, there are still some scenes that are problematic, we plan to fix this in the coming days.

Here is a link to an up-to-date version of the “Hidden (a)gender”